The Amethyst Stone (Jade Creek Book One)

Best friends Tanbi and Julian dream of becoming the next great seafarers, but the world is bigger and more dangerous than they ever imagined. The elders have declared a crisis: rogue crews plague the seas, growing with each passing year.

But there is good news. Elohim has spoken. One of them has been chosen to build a bridge from Scenic City to the great forests across Jade Creek, but if these childhood friends want to remain together through rough seas, there's only one way they can do it:

They'll have to return to the source of all things...

“What once left me breathless and in awe now appeared as plain as the coast I grew up on. There was a thrill in me once, an electricity so real it was contagious and transformational, but alas, that feeling is long gone and now even the most vivid danger couldn’t satisfy the longing for adventure in me. All those great exploits that only few may encounter only built a thirst in my soul for something more, something nothing in this world could satisfy. And so I looked higher. I went back to what my father taught me, the belief of a child who is entrusted with the truth beyond the cosmos – Elohim.”

He grew up on stories about great evil and terrible men. That’s what linked his people together – story. He jumped from his father’s lap with his wooden sword flaying in the wind. He struck nothing but air and yet he vowed to fight evil to become the hero for the next tale. His whole childhood convalesced in a single dream – to wield the sword with honor. He never imagined the day he would find the evil he was looking for. He never would have believed it was real unless he saw it for himself – vowing to fight against evil until the day you stare it face to face and then realize you’re looking at your own reflection. How could someone vowing to defeat all that is wrong become the evil he once despised?

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Mars (A Novel) 火星小說

Mars was instantly uploaded on everyone's communications device.

The Prime Minister ensured it was the answer to their biggest crisis.

It was all about the girl.

And he would do absolutely anything to save her.

But was it really possible for the power of time and space to move heaven enough to solve his crisis?

Or was the worst really upon them?

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FreshAir. A simple environmental organization that found the answer to the greatest environmental threat the world has ever faced. Everything is safe now. Everything except us. A special co-op mission of people called Amphibians explore the new world where everything has grown ten times their normal size.

With incredible abilities to swim through physical matter with strength and speed, they are the only ones left who can face the full force of the wild. It's a fight to survive and humanity is losing. Now it's all up to this group of heroes with a special calling to bridge the gap between the wilderness and humanity.

Amphibians is an adventure that seeks to uncover the courageous spirit in each of us waiting to be revealed during the darkest times as long as we choose to never give up.

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盟軍戰爭 Your Place in the War

Heaven’s Military Conquest

The story of the Bible is the story of your life because you were grafted into Israel.

軍事比喻來介紹大聖經 Introducing the Bible using a Military Theme


Imagine a great warrior who rules over his inhabitants with mercy and justice and whose every citizen is faithful and loyal to him.


This great warrior's name is Love and he has an intimate, personal relationship with each of his subjects. Furthermore, Love chooses to impart his full kingly authority over the land to his subjects and then charges them to care for and protect his kingdom. The whole land which is subject to these citizens enjoys peace and prosperity.


But then the unthinkable happens (unthinkable because it has never happened in this kingdom before): an enemy from a foreign land invades on a stealth mission and overthrows the authority of these citizens through a deceit tactic, essentially tricking them into abandoning their authority to their enemy.


As the rightful rule over the land is stolen away by the enemy, the kingdom which had never experienced anything but peace is suddenly plunged into a curse since the citizens no longer focus on Love, but are instead tainted by the enemy to such an extent that they turn on each other and use their strength to destroy rather than to bless.


Love is so extremely distressed about this situation that he proclaims then and there that the enemy will be destroyed, not immediately, but sometime in the future through his co-labor with his citizens. This sparks a small light of hope within his citizens, but as the land and people's hearts grow darker and darker, this prophecy of hope begins to fade. In fact, the land becomes so dark that only a single family remains loyal to Love.


The great warrior has no choice. If he doesn't intervene in this moment, there will no longer be a trace of hope left. In a great battle of chaos and turmoil, Love slaughters the inhabitants of the land so that only that single family which was loyal to him remains alive. It is the great reset, the chance to start again. But even the darkness in this family lingers on, and though the earth was removed of the stains that threatened its existence, darkness still prevails over light.


None of this was unforeseen to Love, though, who makes his next move in such simplicity and precision that the enemy can't see it coming. He chooses a single man and calls him to follow in the ways of Love. Through that man, a family and ultimately an entire nation of people are established as an ally base against the darkness of the nations around it. It is through this ally base that Love himself steps into the story, though not without great sacrifice and the threat of death.


Love walks among his people, but his people can't recognize him. They stumble over a stumbling block because they assumed the great warrior would be like the enemy's warriors who majored in brutality and dominance. In contrast, Love is merciful on the poor and weak, yet harsh on the respected elite of his own citizens who fail to help the lowest of society. In the end, the enemy convinces Love's own people to betray their king and murder him.


But this too, was not unforeseen by Love. In fact, it was all according to his plan. Since Love's own citizens were living as prisoners of war, not necessarily to the enemy, but to the darkness within them, they were unable to follow the ways of Love. Even if Love took back the authority to rule the land from the enemy and restored it to his citizens, darkness would still prevail. This darkness ruling the hearts of his citizens needed to be restored before the land could be healed.


It must be noted that these prisoners of war were not innocent soldiers taken in duty. They were treasonous renegades who deserved the worst punishment that could be offered. The enemy knew this from the beginning and used it as leverage against the great warrior. A debt had to be paid for the war crimes committed by Love's citizens, and only Love himself could be worthy to pay the price that justice demanded. And that's exactly what he would do.


As a sacrifice to eradicate the darkness within the hearts of his subjects, Love willingly became the darkness that inhabited them so that they could become the light of his love. Of his own volition, the great warrior descends into the depths of death to even out the accounts of his people, but he doesn't stop there.


The great warrior who gives his life in exchange for the prisoners of war had lived a perfect life and there was no reason for him to die. The enemy who agreed to sacrifice the great warrior tries with all his might to imprison Love in the bonds of death, but the power of an innocent life is too great even for the darkest evil.

作為戰爭的重大轉折點,愛以謙虛的勝利從墳墓中升起,戰勝了奴役他的公民的黑暗。 一旦敵人的力量被擊敗,愛就能夠用他的愛之光交換其公民心中的黑暗。 對於所有選擇進行這種偉大交換,他們的黑暗被籠罩在愛的犧牲的永恆迴響中,他的公民給給予新的心來跟隨愛的方式,並作為士兵來戰勝被擊敗的黑暗 。

As the great turning point in the war, Love rises from the grave in a humble triumph over the darkness that enslaves his people. Once the power of the enemy is defeated, Love is able to exchange the darkness in the hearts of his citizens for the light of his love. For all who choose to engage in this great exchange, their darkness is slain in the eternal echo of Love's sacrifice that would ring throughout eternity, and his citizens are given a new heart to follow the ways of Love and fight as soldiers against the defeated darkness.

許多人拒絕這位偉大戰士的犧牲,但許多其他人接受了他的犧牲,將他們的黑暗換成光明,並再次獲得了以憐憫和正義統治該國的權力。 然後他們出去宣告跟建立新的王國,這個新王國首先在人心中統治,然後繼續祝福所有創造物,並有盡可能多的人接受它能夠成為愛王國的新公民。

Multitudes reject this great warrior's sacrifice, but multitudes of others accept it, exchanging their darkness for light and receiving again the authority to rule over the land with mercy and justice. Then they go out to proclaim the new kingdom that begins by ruling in the hearts of men and then proceeds to bless all of creation, and as many as accept it become new citizens of Love's kingdom.

這就是聖經的故事,我們歷史的故事,以及我們每一生的目的。 有一天,愛的王國將被完全恢復,他的勝利將吞噬死亡。 在那之前,我們像愛的好士兵一樣戰鬥,始終相信為我們而死和復活的國王將有一天再次來,以使一切都變好。

This is the story of the Bible, the story of our history, and the purpose of each of our lives. One day, the kingdom of Love will be restored in full and death will be swallowed up in his victory. Until then, we fight like good soldiers of Love, always believing that the king who died and rose for us will return again one day to make all things right.

How the Least becomes Greater than the Greatest

Matthew 11:11 Truly, I say to you, among those born of women there has arisen no one greater than John the Baptist. Yet the one who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.

Imagine a servant fanning a king in his palace in the heat of summer. The king is the greatest in the kingdom, but according to Jesus, the greatest is one who serves.

All of a sudden the first becomes the last because the king doesn't serve anyone. That servant fanning the king becomes the greatest since he serves the king himself, but the lowest servants who aren't even worthy to serve the king become greater than he.

Perhaps that's why Jesus said John the Baptist is the greatest, but the least in the kingdom is greater than he.

Teaching and Parenting Philosophy

In any house or classroom, there are essential values that must be maintained in order for masters to bring maturity to their pupils.

The first value is honesty or integrity.

The rules must be followed and enforced. Good rules that are not enforced consistently and fairly will nullify any good intended. When there is consistency based on these pre-determined rules, trust is built, which ultimately leads to good relationships between master and pupil, and pupil and pupil.

The second value is proper acceptance.

There must be respect for each other, along with acceptance in the differences between levels of growth and personality within a framework of correct behavior. Improper behavior must not be accepted, for it will produce the opposite result intended. Proper acceptance to err and try again builds confidence, which ultimately leads to good relationships between master and pupil, and pupil and pupil.

The third value is tangible rewards for good behavior and effort.

Masters must tell the pupils why the rules and values prescribed are beneficial and right. Effort toward the goals of these rules and values must be encouraged through tangible rewards. At the same time, the master must never reward improper behavior, for it would encourage the opposite of what is intended. Tangible rewards for good behavior and effort produce motivation, which ultimately leads to good relationships between master and pupil, and pupil and pupil.

As you have noticed, the end goal of all three values is good relationships. That is because good relationships allow learning to flourish. Poor relationships hinder learning. Therefore, there are three action steps to take to ensure a positive home or classroom conductive to producing maturity in pupils.

1. Clearly explain, demonstrate, and expect the essential values.

2. Immediately punish the following: dishonesty, bullying, and apathy.

3. Maintain an agreement with superiors, if any, regarding these essential values (i.e. parents, co-teachers, spouses, supervisors).

The first value, honesty, precedes proper acceptance and the giving and receiving of meaningful rewards, ultimately creating an atmosphere of good relationships with the goal of producing maturity in pupils likened to that of their masters.

Concordantly, the proper place to start in creating an environment conducive to producing maturity is in outlining clear rules and expectations, and cultivating a culture of honesty and integrity toward them.