The Amethyst Stone (Jade Creek Book One)

Best friends Tanbi and Julian dream of becoming the next great seafarers, but the world is bigger and more dangerous than they ever imagined. The elders have declared a crisis: rogue crews plague the seas, growing with each passing year.

But there is good news. Elohim has spoken. One of them has been chosen to build a bridge from Scenic City to the great forests across Jade Creek, but if these childhood friends want to remain together through rough seas, there's only one way they can do it:

They'll have to return to the source of all things...

“What once left me breathless and in awe now appeared as plain as the coast I grew up on. There was a thrill in me once, an electricity so real it was contagious and transformational, but alas, that feeling is long gone and now even the most vivid danger couldn’t satisfy the longing for adventure in me. All those great exploits that only few may encounter only built a thirst in my soul for something more, something nothing in this world could satisfy. And so I looked higher. I went back to what my father taught me, the belief of a child who is entrusted with the truth beyond the cosmos – Elohim.”

He grew up on stories about great evil and terrible men. That’s what linked his people together – story. He jumped from his father’s lap with his wooden sword flaying in the wind. He struck nothing but air and yet he vowed to fight evil to become the hero for the next tale. His whole childhood convalesced in a single dream – to wield the sword with honor. He never imagined the day he would find the evil he was looking for. He never would have believed it was real unless he saw it for himself – vowing to fight against evil until the day you stare it face to face and then realize you’re looking at your own reflection. How could someone vowing to defeat all that is wrong become the evil he once despised?

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Mars (A Novel) 火星小說

Mars was instantly uploaded on everyone's communications device.

The Prime Minister ensured it was the answer to their biggest crisis.

It was all about the girl.

And he would do absolutely anything to save her.

But was it really possible for the power of time and space to move heaven enough to solve his crisis?

Or was the worst really upon them?

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FreshAir. A simple environmental organization that found the answer to the greatest environmental threat the world has ever faced. Everything is safe now. Everything except us. A special co-op mission of people called Amphibians explore the new world where everything has grown ten times their normal size.

With incredible abilities to swim through physical matter with strength and speed, they are the only ones left who can face the full force of the wild. It's a fight to survive and humanity is losing. Now it's all up to this group of heroes with a special calling to bridge the gap between the wilderness and humanity.

Amphibians is an adventure that seeks to uncover the courageous spirit in each of us waiting to be revealed during the darkest times as long as we choose to never give up.

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Nightmares? Not in my house

For every child who never learned to overcome the monster under the bed...

Many children seek comfort from this irrational fear by asking their parents to look under their bed.

And after the parents affirm there is no one there, they ask again to make sure.

The parent rarely tells them the truth in this situation. They rarely say that the monster is very real and its name is fear.

When a global pandemic hits the earth like we've never seen it before (and it won't be the last or the worst), adults turn into that quivering child again.

"Just tell me it's gone, please..."

"Tell me there's nothing to worry about."

"Tell me it's all going to be okay."

A sweet comfort may ease the child for the night, but unless they learn how to wield the weapons to overcome their fear, that monster will always come back.

One of the most remarkable stories in the gospels is when the storm suddenly arose on the Sea of Galilee and threatened to sink the boat the disciples were on.

Those twelve men were afraid for their lives and they cried out to Jesus for help.

They were those children, whimpering under the very real presence of a fear gripping their chests like it had claws of steel.

In that moment, they forgot their past encounters with Jesus. Every time they believed it was going to be okay in the past made no difference in that situation.

The monster is very real and if it's not dealt with, it will always come back, like a bitter bully looking for satisfaction in scaring the weak.

And of course, the answer is so obvious that most of us miss it.

Love is greater than fear.

It's not your love I'm talking about, nor is it the love of another person.

It's Papa's love.

Jesus understood this truth in such a perfect way that he was actually going to sleep through the storm entirely.

It was as if the monster was looming over his bed and crashing upon him, but there was perfect peace in believing. No matter how close the monster came, he refused to give it even a fraction of his time.

Papa was there, pouring out his love in a constant relationship that made it impossible for the severest of emergencies to take away even one night's sleep from Jesus.

So when the disciples woke him in a panic, it was the most natural thing in the world for Jesus to declare without any hint of fear, "Peace! Be still!"

And there was peace.

But then the questions were asked to the disciples. "Why are you so afraid? Have you still no faith?"

Was faith part of the weapon of our warfare that Jesus was training us to wield, the shield of faith to quench every fiery dart of the enemy?

And if so, then surely he was also training us to equip the full armor of God, from the sword of the Spirit, the helmet of salvation and the shoes shod with peace to the breastplate of righteousness and the belt of truth. These all work together like a well-oiled system to crush the monster of fear.

Think about the story again. Jesus had faith to sleep through the storm. He knew the truth and stood up to the storm with the authority of righteousness. He brought salvation to the disciples with the outward manifestation of his inner reality: peace.

Jesus fought our battle, but he also showed us how to fight. He showed us how wearing the armor Papa provided for us is as simple as believing. He demonstrated how to fight and more importantly, how to win.

So the next time there's a monster under your child's bed, check your armor. You fight for your child. The fear is very much real, but it messed with the wrong child. This child is loved by the Father, and mothers and fathers are going to cast it out with the truth of Papa's perfect love.

Only believe, Jesus said in the face of dire circumstances (see the story of Jairus).

And then those moms and dads are going to teach that child how to fight. They're going to equip them with the full armor of God and the next time the monster comes back, it won't find a whimpering victim. It will find a sleeping child resting in the supernatural peace that only comes from the Father of lights.

Remember, there is no darkness in him.

How our Political Economics got Crushed between a Rock and a Hard Place

Free market capitalism is statistically one of the fastest growing economic methods.

The reason is simple: intense competition encourages innovation and new creative ideas.

However, there is a dark side to any system without checks and balances.

For today's modern manufacturing world, something is always at stake, such as international peace, personal freedoms or environmental protection.

Here's the difficulty: capitalism requires that ever-increasing growth to compete in a world market and yet the more forced growth, the more one of those other things will take a hit.

Much politics is trying to nullify one of these consequences.

Either they will push for more regulations on states or corporations in hopes of securing peace, freedoms or a cleaner planet...

Or they will see regulations as the main hinderance to economic growth.

Both angles are true and right, but it's so very hard to agree on where to draw the line on either side.

I believe it will benefit both sides to consider the problem from the other angle.

Yes, we are under pressure to grow the economy under this system, but there is always a cost to rapid growth.

And yes, we must intentionally pursue positive international relations, internal freedoms and protection for our planet, but we must also come to realize that global pressures under the current system make that increasingly difficult.

Are you willing to lose political and economic positions of power in the world to see the results you want?

Are you willing to gain the whole world at the cost of people's lives?

These are the hard questions we must ask before making any decision in the political realm.

However, I do applaud those who are willing to take a stand for moral issues regardless of the challenges.

We need these voices.

And no matter what kind of political system you live under, your voice can make a difference.

Assemble (Icebreakers, Social Games, Addictive Games)

Assemble your team to win.

What you need: 1 deck of cards and coins.

Choose to play with 2, 3 or 4 teams (depending on how many people you have).

Card suits are teams: Hearts, Spades, Diamonds, Clubs.

Card values are identities: Aces, Jacks, Kings, Queens.

Note you can remove some identities depending on how many players you have.

Detectives (aces) can see 1 person's card.

Teachers (jacks) can silence 1 person 1 turn.

Scientists (kings) can stop 1 person from performing an action 1 turn.

Artists (queens) apply any power enacted on them to that other person. They may also use another person's action, but the same effects they perform on others apply to them as well.

Set up
Each person gets a card face down.

How to play
Moving clockwise, each person gets a chance to talk and do an action.

You must tell the truth.
You may tell us what team you are on or what team you are not on.
For example: I am not a heart.

Detectives may choose whether or not to tell everyone someone's identity or they can tell us what team that person is not on.

Teachers place a coin heads up on the card of the person they silence. That coin is removed after that next person's turn.

Scientists place a coin tails up on the card of the person they stop. That coin is removed after that person's next turn.

Artists are like mirrors. Whatever you do to them will be done to you. Whatever they do to you will be done to them. On their turn, they can choose 1 person to perform an action on. That person will then reveal their identity and both players are affected by the action.

How to win
Guess all the players on your team during your turn. After guessing, you will reveal your card. Then everyone on your team must raise their hand. If you are correct, you are the winner. If you are wrong, your entire team is out of the game.

Eliminating other teams
If you know all the players on another team, you may guess who they are during your turn. If any of those players denies your assumption, then your entire team is out of the game. If you are correct, then the entire team you guessed correctly is out of the game.

The Detective (ESL Game)

This game requires a bit of thinking on the teacher, but it is a great way to play an interactive game and learn English simultaneously.

Create 2 categories. For example: things with 4 legs and things with 2 legs.

Then add a random word.

Each student gets a piece of paper with 1 word fitting 1 of the categories.

The detective gets the random word that doesn't fit either category.

It might look like this:

lion, table, penguin, kangaroo, chair, ostrich, hippopotamus, gibbon, ant

4 students are in the 4 legs category and 4 students are in the 2 legs category.

The detective (ant) is alone.

The 1st student begins by looking at the card of the 2nd student and making a 1 sentence description of the word.

The 1st student is not allowed to tell anyone what the word is.

The 2nd student can guess what their word is and the 1st student will tell them if they are right or wrong.

Moving clockwise, the 2nd student will do the same for the 3rd students and so on.

Whoever can guess the 2 categories and the detective is the winner.