It’s not 3am… but I’ll pretend it is.  

I don’t have to stay up all night to finish a big project, but I’ll pretend I do.  

I don’t have an amazing wife and kids that depend on me to provide for them, but someday I might.  

I’m preparing for that day.  It will come, right?  I’m a bit of a dreamer I guess.  It’s just that… I have a role that I need to fulfill, but it’s just not coming together.  There is no one depending on me right now.  No wife, no kids, and no responsibility.  So why do I feel like I am failing?  

I have yet to begin this life.  This task.  I can’t fail before I begin, can I?  I guess it is obvious.  Something’s missing.  Although, in comparison, I’m doing just fine.  I’m not supposed to be ‘all grown up’ yet.  I’m too young for that.  But that’s garbage.  I mean, those guys back in the day would have accomplished twice as much as me by now.  But herein lies the problem.  It’s the whole system that needs to cooperate together, and I am part of that system.  I can only move as fast as our system, our culture, and our government will allow me.  But in the meanwhile I’m a sitting duck!  I’m not waiting around like some lazy ingrate.  I’m suffering internally because my internal wiring is kicking me in the back and telling me to get a move on!  

But I’m stuck: no choice.  Gotta follow the next guy.  

Just listen to him, ya hear?  He knows what he’s doing.  And I believe it.  I mean… I’m clueless, so he must know more than me.  But isn’t there another way?  

I’m not talking about that road less traveled or anything like that.  That’s another topic entirely.  We are constantly moving forward and changing as a society.  All this time we are adapting our lifestyles to fit these changes.  Here we are… the age of information and technology and medicine, and we’re moving at speeds never before seen!  

Surely we must be adapting too slow or I wouldn’t be feeling like this… like my potential is being placed on a holding shelf until someone can figure out what to do with it.  Or, maybe I’m unique: maybe I’m the only one who feels this way.  I’m just not sure our society is ready to take the risks and empower a young generation.  But my fear; is a young generation without power.  For when we try to mess with our nature and suppress it, problems are sure to come.  

And then it’s a cyclical problem.  The young generation is irresponsible!  Don’t give them control!  Just fuel their irresponsibility… But I say, let the young generation step up.  Nurture their potential and train them for awesome tasks.  Let’s see what happens when we live according to how we were wired.

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