God's Providence

If you just look at the course of my life from an objective perspective, it will seem like everything makes perfect sense.  All the major moves in my life have contributed to who I am now.  In fact, they are all still a part of my life now.  All of it was necessary to get me to where I am today, and to allow me to take the next steps in the future.  It is God's providence, and only God could have brought it all together in such a picturesque way.


When you look at the course of my life from a subjective perspective, it will look like total chaos.  My thinking, ideas, plans have all been constantly in flux.  I never know exactly what I should do, and often times I try to pursue things that never come to fruition.

But through all the wrong turns and failures, God has worked it all out for my good: while still allowing me to wrestle with and make life decisions.  It was the providence of God that kept bringing me back to the road I am to be on.

Though my mind be a frantic mess, and my little choices be fraught with misdirection, God is a solid cornerstone that cannot be shaken.  May the providence of God continue to lead me as I continue to pray through and struggle with my next big decision.

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