Clouded Correction

Nothing relaxes me like writing.

Nothing can really unleash my thoughts and put them in an organized manner like swimming.

No I'm just kidding, I meant writing.

Right now my mind is completely cloudy.  It's hard to concentrate, and it's hard to understand what's bothering me.  I guess there are things that bother me a lot, but I don't realize it.  But it's there, waiting for me to figure it out so I can adjust in some way.

Maybe that's why psychologists are in demand.  We never try to figure out what's bothering us.  Well, I've had enough.  It's time for a change...

I'm not comfortable...  because of other people

Sure I am comfortable around them, but I am not comfortable with how they are... with how they think...

Why?  Because there is a lack of unity between us many times.  It's something I can't stand.  I need my brothers to be of one mind with me, but when we differ, then the clouds come.

We can always agree to disagree on certain points, sure.

                               But it's when hostility comes as a result of our difference...

                                                                       That's when the clouds come over me.

Don't get me wrong, I love diversity and people from all backgrounds coming together to share with each other in order to grow together.  In fact, I think it is a problem when we don't have that diversity.  It's one of the ways to test each other and keep us from are own biases.

Eureka!  So the clouds are coming over me to remind me of my biases and to try to think in new and differing ways.  They are there to build unity between me and those of different backgrounds and different thinking.  They are a guide to help me live at peace.
                                                    peace within myself
                                                    peace with others

The many benefits of writing.  The thing that occurs to me though, is that I have not always had this type of revelation to bring me into a right relationship with others and within myself.  It is fairly new to me, and came as a result of a single experience.  Have you experienced this type of correction before?  or Should I say, do you experience this type of correcting?

As frustrating and annoying as it seems, I realize afterwards that it is for my good.  For if we are to make any real progress within our species, we must work together.  It's in these times of self-reflection that we acknowledge our own problems and adjust them accordingly to come into alignment with a Greater human consciousness.

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