Our Tragic Situation

Life can seem real mundane at times.  What exactly are we working towards again?  Sometimes we can just get lost in the day to day workloads and become nearsighted.  And when we lose track of our purpose, we just wanna give up.

But there is hope, because we all have that 'thing' we are looking forward to.  Maybe it is a TV show, or the next movie, or finding out if he/she likes you, or accomplishing your next task.  These are the things that keep many of us motivated and moving on.  Even though they are temporary, there will always be something new that our society/culture will introduce to keep us from losing heart.

This makes sense though, doesn't it?  For one thing, we give our money to these 'things' that we look forward to, so it is a business.  And secondly, it allows our society to function more cooperatively and efficiently, especially considering we make more money when we work harder.  So it's all good, everybody wins, right?

Well not exactly...

When you think about it, we are placing our hopes and happiness on the next money making pitch, be it a movie, TV show, magazine, or piece of technology.  We are drawn into a dependent relationship with that "next thing", and are being tricked into functioning properly in society.  And once we are hooked, it's all over: we can't live without it...

Why though?

                          We lived without it before...

                                                                          What's different now?

Well, human beings cannot live with no prospects, no hope, and no purpose.  When we are in this situation, we will create or find something that will give us what we need.  Unfortunately, it is now the biggest money marketing scheme out there, and people are making billions off are desperate situation.

What's most tragic, though, is all of these 'things' we hang our hope and happiness on are man made.

Does that mean that we are a delusional species that just trick ourselves into living a life with purpose and future prospects?  Are we really just here for no reason and waiting for are inevitable destruction?

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