look upon your scars

I'm standing at the brink of something wonderful.  Something personal.  But there's hindrance.  Push-back.

I'm discouraged.  Not sure if this is me.  Or what is me.  What is me?

I'm surrounded by the dim and gloom but holding on to the smallest ray of hope.  It is the only a portion of what is really there, but the rest of it is hidden.  I'm not sure whether it even exists or not.  It's shrouded with disbelief.

But then I realize it...   How did I miss it before?  This whole time I've been looking... down...

I look up to the horizon.  There it is!  Can you see it?  Do you believe it now?  It's the rest of the picture.  The ends of that single ray of hope, stretching out in two directions.  Out into the future, where it will shoot through other lives and shrouds of darkness.  And, back to the source, where it all originates; for it was not I who called this ray into being.

There is something bigger going on here than myself.  It's when I look up that I can realize... I'm under attack.  Why look down when there is a world of beauty and adventure all around me.  Why start to turn off and let go of the only hope available when it stretches beyond myself and into the heavens.  Who would convince me that all of this has come to an end.  That I am alone.  And everything that ever made any sense at all has come and gone like a simple thunderstorm.

It's the lightning of the storm I find the most spectacular.  It's glory stretches across heaven and is followed by the rolling, trumpeting thunder.  There is real power in a storm.  Power you can see, and hear, and feel.  When the storm is over though...
                                                     It's over...
                                                                          You forget it even existed...

Unless it leaves a mark.  Destroys something in its path.  Something important to you.  When the storm changes your life's circumstances you will never forget the storm.  It leaves a permanent scar that you can never rid yourself of.

When we look down, we need to see those scars and remember, there was a storm that turned us upside-down.  Let us look to the heavens at these times and remember the power that comes from them.  Remember what they did, and what they can do, and what they will do.  In brilliant and spectacular majesty, they will rain down to the earth again and wreak destruction.

But we will be ready this time.

                    We have the scars upon us.

                                        We can't forget this power.

                                                               We're counting on it.

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