Waiting for grad school, and Jesus

I hate specifics, I'm much more of a generalist.  At any given moment, there are a thousand specifics related to my place in life, and they will all probably change tomorrow.  General principles, however, are much more applicable to all of life's circumstances.

For example, I am waiting to hear back from graduate school right now.  Actually, I don't know when I will hear back exactly, but I know it will be a long time.  I am pretty confident that I will get into the program, not because I have some positivist mentality (which I don't), but because I got the marks, I did the work, I put in the time.  And now, I'm ready to reap the benefits; see the results, and hopefully get surprised (since I tend to have low expectations about these kind of things).  Waiting is tough, well, more annoying than tough, but I think continuing to think about grad school is harder.  I tend to forget about it for days or weeks at a time.  If I continued to keep it in my mind, though, I would be able to continue preparations and keep up on the next due dates, etc.

So this is a very specific aspect to my life right now, and after I receive news from these schools, it will all change.  This blog will no longer apply to me, and I will move on.  What's more, this blog only applies to people who have applied to grad school and are waiting to hear back from them.


I can also draw some general principles out of this specific circumstance and make it relatable to life in general.  So here we go...

Let me draw some divider lines, and relate this to waiting for Jesus (the Jewish Messiah) to return to the earth to bring judgement and establish the kingdom of God here on earth.  Ok, so maybe you don't agree with any of that, which probably makes this a good time to stop reading, but I think you could learn some things anyway (perhaps?).

As Christians, we are to be actively waiting for Jesus to return to the earth, which means we are to walk in God's law and abide in his love.  We also acknowledge that the world is jacked up, and we earnestly pray for God's kingdom to come, for judgement on evil, and for Jesus to make everything right.  If we believe we are justified (which we should, because it is Jesus who justified us through the cross), then we can be confident that we will be on God's side when his kingdom is established.  However, being confident of our assured deliverance from the wrath of God, we may forget to pursue right-living and justice, and pray for Jesus to return.  He will come back and it will all work out, so let's just wait until it all happens (and of course, forget for days, months, and years at a time).  While awaiting his imminent return, we have a role here on the earth.  He are to be the body of Christ here on the earth, and be the partial kingdom of God that faces the forces of evil all around us.  We live as citizens of God's kingdom, and in doing so, we see how broken the world is and how desperate we are for Jesus to return.  We live lives of obedience, calling others out of the darkness and into this glorious kingdom, and beg for the end of this evil age to come.

So as a general note, while waiting for some event or change to occur, we should continually review are progress and future reality so we can be ready and assured of our position and direction.

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