Do external forces guide my life?

Do external forces guide my life?

That's what it feels like right now.  But it wasn't always this way...

It used to be internal forces that guided me.  Whatever I wanted to do used to be possible.  The opportunities were all around, and I had the freedom to choose whatever I desired.

I took advantage of some of them, no doubt, but I missed so many because I took that freedom for granted.

Now, everything's changed.

There is no more endless freedoms.  My options are severely limited by external forces, like health, money, and politics.

Health: sucks.  Money: none. Politics: all crazy.

What do I wanna do?  A lot!  Surely it wouldn't be doing what I'm doing now if I had the choice.  The desires in my heart far exceed this lifestyle.  But... I am not in control of my life's circumstances.  Not anymore.

So that got me thinking... Are these external forces all working together to ensure that my life is directed down a very particular path?  If so, is going through the mundane, seemingly boring, everyday been-there-done-that existence going to lead me to the most blessed life?  Not blessed in that I will be rich, but that I will impact the most lives and leave the greatest legacy.

If that's true, it really changes my outlook on how I live today, right now.  I mean, c'mon.  If I am on the path that will lead me down the road filled with the most joy, how can I be satisfied by anything but?

This is my road.  It's my path.  It must be, dare I say it, my destiny.

Time will tell.  But today, this day, I believe.

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