How does the gospel apply to free time?

Some people have too much free time on their hands.

Some people don't have any.

What is the work-rest pattern prescribed by God?  Work 6 days, rest 1.  More than that, everyday is part rest, part work.  And rest is anything from sleeping to playing a favorite hobby.  Whatever rejuvenates you and prepares you for another season of hard work.   It is NOT accomplishing what NEEDS to be done.  We don't cheat God on this.  We trust that our rest will not prevent us from having a sufficient harvest.  In this way, the Sabbath is to bring us to depend and trust on God, and enable our bodies and spirits to be healthy.

There are two errors people fall into.

One is people who waste so much of their time and squander their talents and treasures.  The other is people who keep doing more and more on their own power, but lead lives full of stress, anxiety, and failure.

How does the gospel transform both of these errors into God-glorifying results?

We are not our own, we were bought with a price, therefore we are to glorify God with our bodies. (1 Corinthians 6:20)  The truth of the gospel is that Jesus redeemed us.  He bought us, and brought us back to relationship with God.  Formerly we were enslaved to powers of sin and darkness, but now we are free in Christ.  No longer slaves of sin, but slaves of righteousness.  We now live for the glory of God, and are the ambassadors of Jesus in this world.  Therefore, how we spend our time, talent, and treasure should ultimately go toward the work of Jesus and his kingdom on the earth.  When we spend our resources on temporary goods and hobbies, it is to refuel us to go and do good works.  The rest of our resources our spent harvesting the fields that God has prepared for us.  We should always ask ourselves:  Am I using the resources God has given me for my ultimate purpose, or for the ultimate purpose of the kingdom of God?

Here is a simple admonition.  Those who are lazy and selfish, and use your resources for your own ultimate benefit, repent.  Think of others more highly than yourself, and start using your resources for the greater purpose of spreading the goodness and glory of God to the ends of the earth.

For those who are overly busy and don't trust in the providence of God, repent.  Realize that you are just a servant, and the King is the one who is accomplishing his plan.  Come along side him, and do what he calls you to do, not what you think you need to do.  Trust in him, and take time to rest, so you can be ready to do infinitely greater things than you would be able to on your own strength and wisdom.

Blessed be our sovereign God.

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