One Question Could End Your Prejudice

One simple question could revolutionize your life: "Why?"

It sounds so simple, but its use spans all of life's circumstances.  It's the question we so easily ignore, especially when in the midst of living our lives.  When we have an outside perspective, when it seems strange or wrong, then we are more prone to the question: "Why?"

I believe we could end our prejudice with this question:  "Why?"

Instead of looking at differences with disgust, fear, and hate, we can ask this question and start to see the world from another perspective.  We will start to solve problems instead of creating them.  No longer needing to destroy people groups, we can lend a hand and see what they really need.  We don't have to apply our solutions to others, but when looking from their perspective, we will know when to step in, and when to leave be.  And it all starts with the simple question:  "Why?"

But, there is a dark side to this question, and herein lies the real complexity to the issue.  When we start understanding why people do the things they do, we can be tempted to allow others to pursue whatever society or lifestyle they deem fitting.  The problem with this, is some societies and lifestyles lead to pain, misery, and destruction.  Is it right for us to allow others to live in a way that reeks of death?

No, of course not!  For then we would also have to allow drug addicts, prostitutes, murderers, and thieves to continue in their lifestyle (after all, it makes sense, doesn't it?).  This is when the question that leads to harmony can bring the whole world down.

But, this question should not be lost.  We must use it for all the good it contains, and guard ourselves against the error that can so easily creep in.  For it is a question, that has the potential to bring our world together in unexpected ways.  The simple question:  "Why?"

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