I'm a stranger

Alone in a world I tried to create
Helpless by this constant battle of hate

Wondering how I could ever continue
To dream a dream that's always in limbo

I'm lost, but that doesn't mean I don't know where to go
Please don't tell me again, I already know...
                                                                                I need a deeper answer

Can anyone tell me how one finds alignment with the greater cosmos and with our God?

How do you set a heart that only beats to created melodies to find consummation with an eternal song?

Here in this world, why can't we just work with what we've got?

The answers are here, don't tell me they're not

We have within ourselves the potential
To fulfill everything that's essential

Stop searching for unknowable truths and gods that only crave power

The results have been here all along
Just look at all our findings and towers

This is just our beginning, but how long can I wait?

For I'm not there yet
I'm still here, broken
                                                 Waiting for my cure to be created

I'm a stranger in this world
All my answers, have all faded

But beyond all our mundane routines
There lives an eternal truth
                                                           One from which love finds it home
                                                                                                                              Permeating your world
Igniting each cell with a fire
The fire's unseen, uncaused, but not at all unknown
                                                                                           With spiritual eyes, all these truths will be shown

Burning with a passion to seek out your heart
It's true, our unruly living is tearing us apart

From the inside out screaming 'mercy'
And at last we find what somehow we've always known

There's a pattern to the cosmos
                                                                  But as to how, no one knows

It takes the faith of a child, and we can be free to behold

A fire that lights our whole life to be one
One where all in our path is awakened to the one
The one truth the one love the one God and he said,

'Don't worry my child, have you not read?
By faith you're made well, now go in peace and be healed'

Find peace from living aligned with his words
He's Jesus I tell you, he wont leave you unheard
                                                                                           Nor unhelped, for he came to bring life
And to set a fire on this earth
So you can receive a new birth

For then you too would by his wrath
Set ablaze everything in your path
All peoples and cultures and nations that hath
Been searching like you for something that lasts

And afterword you'll remain to be, a stranger in the world because of he
Jesus and his kingdom, of which you have part
No longer bound to this world, free to depart

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