Melting Hatred

Why the hate?

It is not our fault.  No, really, it's NOT my fault.

That's true, but what about them?  What's your solution with them?

They're haters, ignore 'em and let 'em deal with it.  They have an attitude problem.  They don't treat us like he or she does.  They're different.

Nonsense assumptions.  They irritate me, mainly because they don't solve any problems, but, rather, they perpetuate more hatred.  It's sucking the love right out of this world.

Let's erase erroneous assumptions and go right to the source.  Let's confront the haters face to face and find out what's really going on inside them.  We might be surprised that our diagnosis was completely wrong.

But, what if you're right?  Then I suggest something more radical.  Why don't you go out of your way to show love to them?  Why don't you look for the beauty that they behold and focus on that?  Why don't you fight with weapons of love-- kindness and gratitude, and uncover the ugliness that is there?

This kind of love will not unify though... it will divide.  It will draw clear lines between those who want to say sorry for being mean and those who still don't care.  We can never change someone's mind or attitude, but we can expose it in order to offer them an invitation to join the side of love.  Rejoice with those who join, and mourn over those who refuse, but always believe in the side of love and your own attitude will radiate its beauty to the world.

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