Virtuous Contentment

God Is Bigger.  That's the truth.  I am blessed in so many ways, but I always desire something more.  One more blessing, to be used for the ultimate purpose of the gospel and the kingdom of God.

What I'm trying to learn though, is how to be content with all the blessings I have while still having a greater vision to see more blessings come.

I don't want to be happy all the time, though.  I'm not where I belong, and I can never be fully satisfied with my current circumstances, but I can accept that I must go through these trials for a reason and for a season.

It's ok to feel lonely, and depressed, and hurt at times.  I must endure the same sufferings as the Lord, Jesus.

I know that these sufferings are harboring the ultimate blessing, to whom all other blessings should compel me towards; namely Jesus Christ.  He is my great reward, and nothing else should distract me from Him or compete with Him for the place of highest honor.

If I want anything else more than Him, or if anything else fulfills me as much as Him, I have lost my way, and I need desperately to return to the one who picked me up out of darkness and utter despair.  He is my only savior, who alone deserves all my worship, even my whole being.

Oh, He is worth so much more still.

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