A Cultural Misnomer

I need an answer.

I don't mean that I need to know one way or the other.


I mean that I need a specific answer...

                                                                    I need a yes.

For no answer is the same as no, and it's killing me inside.

Oh, how long must I wait for something so fundamental to my life?

No more, I've had enough.  There must be another way.

                                                                                               An escape hatch... somewhere...

I want out, one way or the other, there must be relief.

Our species is so complex, but at times so predictable.  There are certain needs in my life that are nearly universal to our species.  Needs that bind me to the rest of humanity and create a oneness with who we are collectively.  I embrace these needs as much as I desire for them to be fulfilled, but when they are denied proper place in my life, there will certainly be consequences.

It's genetic, of course, and that goes deeper than can be solved by simple advice.  It desires a problem rooted in our history and our biological make-up.  There are no substitutes.  I need either the obvious, but hard-to-reach solution, or I need transformation in my very core genetic makeup.  The latter sounds impossible, but right now it just seems so much more likely.

The failure here is on the part of culture.  It is culture that should be the medium by which these needs are met.  Unfortunately, my culture does not seem to understand the importance or urgency of these fundamental needs.  C'mon, Culture.  Can't you help me out on this one?

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