A letter to my Savior


I'm sorry for loving others mare than you.

For forgetting about the relationship we have.

For not worshiping you as Lord, God, and King.

I miss being crazy in love with you.

Looking for any opportunity just to talk about you.

Getting refreshed and fulfilled talking with you.

Being led constantly by you, for you are the life-giving spirit.

One who sets my course and ignites my heart with passionate, consuming fire.

It's no wonder that I've felt so cold, so helpless, so dead away from you.

You have the words of eternal life, and you, yourself, are life.

Let us be united together as one.

That I may partake in your feast.

To eat your body and drink your blood.

To share in your sufferings, and in your Resurrection.

When the good and the bad are connected as one.

Then will I know the love of the son.

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