Saying Good-bye

There's something about saying good-bye.

It's a strange feeling that leaves you incomplete.

When there is an unlimited amount to learn about each other, is it really possible to just move on?

How can we keep building more relationships, when having only one can never be exhausted?

And how dare I forget those in my past, when their love was so strong, and so real.

So I try to remember them all, but the burden is so great.

I guess that's what it means to be connected as one.

To lean on each other, grateful for each one that took the time to share and to love.

They cannot be forgotten, because their impact was too strong.

Maybe we call it good-bye this day, but later on we dare not say it.

For in that day, good-bye wont be.

It will only be us, together...forever.

I love you all, God bless you.

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