Freedom From Within

We don't fit in, try as we do, we just can't fit ourselves into the cultural system we're embedded in.

We're just too messed up. People can't handle something so unordinary as we are, and to tell the truth, I'm not sure I can handle it either.

I'm so enmeshed in these cultural norms that I can't even handle myself, let alone the myriad of others, all unique and all struggling to suppress their inner nature, their true selves, the real.

So we play the game, we act the part, we wear the clothes, and we take the pill... the blue pill.

We go back to that world controlled by the system, and we compromise, settling for pleasure in filet mignon and a white picket fence... something normal.

We say it feels right, it's what we want, but if we challenged our reasoning in court it'd be overruled, it wouldn't stand, and we'd be forced back again to that place we abandoned so long ago, to that person we destroyed, the person who didn't fit in, who wasn't accepted, and whom the world couldn't handle.

We'd be forced to be real with who we are and what we desire, and perhaps if that happened, we would be completely alone, miserable, and socially outcasted.

But maybe if you came with us, if you too saw the inconsistencies within ourselves, you could join ranks with us, and perhaps together we could find a way to think past the cultural restraints strangling our nature and our deepest desires, and we could adopt a new mentality, a new ideology that encouraged the raw, diversified, unashamed, and uncensored aspects within us all, bringing them to the fore, out in the open, into the light, and then, perhaps then, we could know what it meant to be free within ourselves.

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