Imperfect Fit

She has a subtle smile, a charm all her own.

Inviting eyes, perfect for such a poem.

And if I had the time I could try to describe that beauty,

But it alone would never scratch the surface around what really makes us fit.

It's a simple question, a reckless challenge

Her fighting spirit and years of struggle.

And those eyes contain all of it, yet it remains but a hint of the combination of character, eccentricities and passions, all coming together to make who she is.

And who could have known?

For on the surface it's all lost

But deep in our souls it's an understanding, a connection that makes us pause.

It's our stories that twine like the vines in the frost,

For if love alone is worth waiting, then for this all the more.

For how absurd it would be that for this to occur,

We'd pass on that moment without sharing a word.

So with my pen I will try and express what my mouth would make but a mess.

And though in the end it won't work, it will be just a dream,

Soon to be forgotten with the morning light of my next flight.

Nevertheless, I'm compelled to admit,

For that moment, It was the perfect fit.

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