I'm New Everyday

Today's not the same as yesterday. I'm new everyday.

So let me tell you about today, today I walked through an open field.

I thought about those friends that I missed, and I choked up,

My emotions started pouring and the loneliness I felt culminated with the sound.

             A cool Florida breeze,
             The growth of greens overcast with cloudy skies,
             And me, right there in the midst, right in that picture.
             The picture of description: The way I felt.
             And now i see myself there again...

I'm the cool breeze, alienated amidst the warm air breathing from the sun.

I'm the green growth, an inside full of dreams ever present, refusing to be bent,
             sustained by the same warmth keeping me contained.

I'm the clouds, unknowingly blocking the life source that's both alienating and sustaining.

And how can it be that the sun can do both? It kills and it creates, oppresses and it births.

But it's the evil in me that needs to be contained, needs to be controlled, needs to be erased.

When I picture me in that field, crying out in despair, not a soul that can hear,

I know I'm not the sun, much as I want to be, it's not me, not any day.

It's not in my power to control, as much as I want it to be.

I'm me, today, not the same as yesterday, so if you want to know my story, it's new every morning.

And if you come on this journey I'll share it every morning and night,

And promise to listen to every thing and through every fight,

Because the days I'm stuck on my weather, I'll wait it out,

Let the sun scorch away my evil so my dreams can come out, and we'll make it together...together.

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