The Secret Dilemma

We all have our secrets.Those things were not willing to share with anyone.
A deep desire that's socially unacceptable, a past we try to forget, or the truth of our identity.

It's these secrets that we cannot let out, for then we would shock the world, especially our closest friends. They wouldn't believe us that we could be that way. So we hide behind the mask of life, of culture. Perhaps one day the world will find out. The truth will slip through the cracks and we'll be found out.

We must all have these secrets, but are we willing to exchange them? Can we handle the truth they hold? Will we trust someone enough to share it? What will it mean when we finally do? When your secret is no more and the world can gaze on your cold naked shame?

You'll try to run but it's no use, it's too drastic to forget. They'll be compelled to share it and spread it until it reaches the deepest corner. And how will you respond? Will you cry and whimper, fight in rage, or seek the fastest escape? It's not a kind world, especially for a secret as foreign as yours. They won't accept you, they don't know how to, even though they each struggle with equally dark truths.

So what then? Should we wait for that day when all is made known, when every secret is revealed and nothing is left that is hidden? That is my question, for who can I trust but God alone to handle a secret as devastating as mine? Who but God would be able to walk with me after the truth is disclosed, to respond in that perfect love where no scars are formed?

So I wait for that day as I search for those people: the ones who are willing to exchange their hiddenness with mine, to bring it into the light, and pierce our closed cultures with our strangeness enshrined.

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