To what can we liken God's grace to?

I think it's a pool that I can dive into,
But it's really an ocean none can exhaust

I think it's a savings account that gets me out of trouble,
But it's really a blank check that never runs out

I think it's a lamp in a dark place leading my way,
But it's really an ever rising sun that never goes down

And to what can we compare the grace of God?

I think it's like topsoil, nutrient rich and full of life,
But it's really like a forest fire, burning anew all life

I think it's like moonshine, more powerful than all other wines,
But it's really like blood, the purest form of all life

I think it's like the morning dew, a covering for nature,
But it's really like a great flood, submerging us inside and out

The grace of God is not merely forgiveness,
But full assurance that you're eternally His,
Marked by a life of faith,
Sealed by His own Spirit,
And inheriting a life that's lived forever with Him.

The Grace of our Lord be with you all

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