Cultural Slavery

           As a cultural anthropologist, I feel entitled to speak about culture, and as a Christian, I have a very different spin on culture than most anthropologists.  Culture in itself is a beautiful identity of our species that is transferred by shared, learned behavior.  It embodies our ideology and beliefs through ritual and everyday practices, which are in turn defined through symbolic language scattered throughout each society.  The diversity offered and available to each people group makes our species the most fascinating on earth, especially recognizing that we interact with our own kind the most, and remain completely enthralled in ourselves.  People have manipulated culture, which is not intrinsically bad, in order to exploit others by painting a false world over their eyes.  In this sense, culture is the gatekeeper that confines us into a specific template that must be followed.  There is a right way to live, which is based on cultural rules, and living contrary to this receives some type of punishment.  The definition of these rules can be manipulated in order to grant the elites of society more power, while keeping the majority powerless.  I call this cultural slavery, and it is more common than people realize, although it is nearly invisible.  This culture is created by ideology, which is created by those with power (today, a large amount of this is controlled by the media/government).  These powerful elites keep the majority under control in order to increase their security.  It only makes sense if people don’t matter: only if some people are deemed worthless in order for others to gain more.  This is not natural selection by any means.  These people are not merely trying to survive, they are trying to exploit as much as possible, and gain as much power as they possible can from it.
How can this cultural slavery be stopped?  

Rising above cultures and stepping out of the proverbial prison doors and going against the grain squashes it. 

Following a new ideology that is based upon loving people, all people, and all cultures, and all places. 

It is likened to living like a child, because there is a culture in the heavens that we can be children of.

We can adopt these shared, learned behaviors of perfect love from the Father (God) who created this culture. 

His culture is being played out in the heavens right now, and it can be us who learn from Him and bring that culture to our world.

Unfortunately, our species is currently unable to complete this mission, because not only are we moral and social beings, we are also sinful.

We need the transforming power of Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, to come and transform and teach us.

We need to be born again, not physically, but spiritually, so we can learn a heavenly culture and be released from our current cultural slavery.

Jesus did this by dying on the cross as a sacrifice to forgive and take away our sinfulness.

This was the only way possible because the wages of sin is death, and the savior paid that price.

For how can a sinful person enter into the sinless presence of a perfect creator?  No one can.

Those who are covered with the blood of Jesus’ sacrifice also receive the Spirit of Jesus as an inheritance and helper in living this new life full of justice, hope, and mercy: a life where perfect love is the end goal.

These people, with the help of the Spirit of God, transform cultures of slavery into a heavenly culture of love. 

This is the answer, and this is the message that the world needs to hear.

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