An Unintelligible Lost Hope


The alarm screeches in my head.

My body tenses; my hand swings on autopilot, hurdling my nightstand through frigid air.

The crash startles away my animal instincts, allowing rationality to take control.


20 minutes to get ready. It's Monday morning.

I wipe the drool from my five o'clock shadow and rub the darkness from my eyes, bloodshot and blurred.

Countless thoughts race through my mind: I'm still alert in conscious dreams.

... ... Zzz ... ...

I don't think about how my day's going to be, because that will just make it worse.

It's another day I get to live.

Time I have to spend to keep going.

There's other options out there; a barrage of choices flickering in the wind, free falling in slow motions over the waters of time.

And as each day passes I take a breath as one finally touches, contaminating the dream into an unintelligible lost hope.

I sigh as these glimpses capture my heart with the imaginary unimaginable, but to no surprise, none of it will happen the way I imagine it to be.

We can be dreamers, but if that's all we know then what difference does it make, for none of it was ever real?

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