What is culture?


The way you think in relation to the bare bones of life; like eating, drinking, sleeping, transportation, marriage, family, and work.

These things will happen everywhere, but it's not how they look that makes it culture.

It's what your brain expects it to look like that makes it culture. In other words, it's what you've been acclimated or used to.

Moving a large distance away will inevitably bring you in contact with different cultures in the same way as meeting someone from a foreign land does.

You can go through the motions in another culture but it doesn't become yours until it's accepted in the mind and expected in everyday life.

When your expectations don't match someone else's, you may have conflict. When your expectations don't match anyone else's, you may have culture shock.

One of two things may happen in culture shock. (or even a mix of the two)

One: everything in the world around you feels wrong so you get angry and frustrated and judgmental.

Two: only your own world and thinking feels wrong and you have an identity and cultural crisis, leaving you lost, helpless, and insecure.

After time you will adapt, maybe accepting others for their own cultural differences, or becoming a part of a new culture and allowing your mind to re-adapt to new cultural expectations.

In the latter it may seem impossible to go back to old expectations. But, you haven't added another culture to yourself. Instead, you have reformed your current culture into something new.

We all have these blended cultures because we're all individually unique and give pieces of ourselves to each other.

It is the response to culture shock that will lead you in these two directions, but simply accepting a culture will not bring you into unity with it. It is becoming the culture that aligns your expectations and brings peace.

In the end we contain pieces of countless individuals and cultures and lands and families because we chose to open ourselves up and embrace something foreign, different, and scary.

Are you becoming new, culturally?

Do you expect it?

Culture: expectations in every aspect of life.

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