A Breath of Life

A long windy alley road.

An orchard on the right with patches of vegetables along the road.

There are small interconnected brick houses on the left.

A temple and more houses are coming up on the right.

A door is open on the left with an old man inside.

He's laying out on a bed next to a shrine.

He's too sick and tired and hopeless to get up.

A simple man comes from the opposite direction to enter the house.

He opens his mouth, "I've come a long, long way to see you. I've been sent to pray for this house."

He points up as he speaks and goes to the other room to get something.

He comes back with a glass of water.

"This is your water. It's an ordinary glass of water, but when you drink this water on this day, your house will be changed. Don't expect it on any other day. It is only for this day. Now, drink it, and take your blessing."

The old man flinches.

His head lifts from his mat.

The clouds form together overhead.

The sky darkens.

The smell of dirt and plants seeps into the room.

You can hear the sound of water splashing against the sides of the glass.

The simple man puts the glass to the old man's mouth.

He takes a small sip.

Wind sweeps through the room, blowing papers and dust into a whirlwind.

Cockroaches scatter in every direction.

A crack of thunder is heard outside.

The flowers in the orchard start to lose consistency.

The wrinkles on the old man's face disappear.

His muscles are regained and his strength is renewed.

He get up with his robe now tight against his body.

He walks to the doorway and smells anew every scent in the air.

The simple man speaks. "It's your second chance. Now finish what you need to do."

The old man takes one step out of the house.

"Go." The simple man orders.

The old man grabs the upper door frame and throws himself to the roof of the house, running across the interconnected houses.

Clouds filled with thunder and flashes of light follow him.

He somersaults out into the blue sky.

The world is set out before him.

Today, he can set things right because there is still life.

A breath given by God.

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