A speck of dust in 太魯閣國家公園

A speck of dust flying by in a sudden gust of wind.

A single small pebble in a coast full of stones.

A drop of water in a small dried up waterfall.

Mountains shooting up into the sky as if the earth is being unformed.

Ravines lined with steep cliffs waiting to drop landslides of mountain sized stones.

Water bursting through cracks from immense pressure in a tunnel hidden deep within an adventurous path.

Venturing into 太魯閣國家公園 brings an immediate comparison so stark it's felt in your bones. As though a single piece of dust, or pebble, or drop of water, one must feel insignificant compared to massive mountains, breathtaking cliffs, and the natural phenomenon of a tunnel waterfall.

Through such a reflection, can you feel this scripture speak deep down in your core?

Matthew 6:30 "If God so clothes the grass of the field, which is here today but cast into the oven tomorrow, how much more shall he clothe you, oh you of little faith?"

God cares for every piece of dust, and pebble, and drop of water in 太魯閣國家公園, but even more amazing still, he cares for us so much more.

Being in the presence of this indescribable, ever-changing, glory evoking masterpiece throws you into reflection and praise, and, hopefully, ultimately leaves you with one conclusion: God loves you.

It's that simple.

Taroko National Park 太魯閣國家公園

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