All Things New

The pencil hits the page and I'm gone.

Leaf green jagged edges cut out of overcast skies trapped in a medicine bottle with no pills yet full of herbs spread into crisscrossed leaf green veins of life.

That girl with mindful beauty struts across the way, giving a look with her own heart that makes mine stop for a moment as ecstasy floods my being, but is just as instantly swept away by her wind striding past.

Placed in a new land with smells and sounds abounding in fresh thrills and obscurity while I carry my scent from lands past but clench a new purpose and adventure of mystical castles and incinerating lasers in the tentacles of overgrown mutated animal-creatures leading me into the next rite of passage.

I lift my pencil and take a breath.

I look up. I carry my notebook with me.

Today is filled with all things new.

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