What's so Good about Taiwan: Children Edition

I walked into the classroom one time and my student yelled out, "Everybody Dance Now!" and instantly started busting a move right there on the classroom floor.

Now whenever I yell out the song he turns his head a little crooked and gives me a big smile.

The children here really care for each other. They want to do the right thing but they also want to have fun. As much as I remind them to do the right thing, they are reminding me to have fun.

The longer I teach, the sillier I become, because you can be super crazy and kooky in front of kids and they won't judge you, or they think, 'that's just foreigners for you'.

Some of my younger kids are even sweeter. One of the boys has been with me for a while and always likes to give me a hug and then smell me. I'm not sure if he thinks I smell good or bad, but my kids even like to smell my feet!

Another girl comes really close to me and says she has to tell me something. She gets right up to my ear and then puts her finger to her mouth and says, "Shhhhhhhhh!". She also likes to pretend she's the teacher and I'm the student. She puts her favorite stuffed animal pig 'George' behind her back and asks me, "left or right?" I usually guess wrong.

They are adorable and cute, but they know I love them, and because of this they feel comfortable to be open and goofy along with me. I try to get them to think beyond what a normal Taiwanese student can think and value their creativity.

And when Johnny steals Cindy's pencil and she starts crying because of it, I remember we take life too seriously a lot of times and we need to put the sunglasses on and just play it cool.

Feel free to share your own children stories!

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