What's so Good about Taiwan: Hot Spring Fish 溫泉魚

There is a phenomenon in 礁溪 (JiaoXi), Taiwan that I never heard of before. This may be something as common as money, but for me it's brand new.

What's not new is that there are hot springs in 礁溪. What is new is there are hot spring fish that give you a massage.

That's right, I said fish that give you a massage.

It's not a very nice massage; it's more ticklish than comfortable and feels like someone is pinching you, but thousands of people are sold on it as these hot springs are filled and cost about 70-80 NT just to put your feet in the water.

To put it in comparison, a normal hot spring with hot water, cold water, and showers costs the same price. So why pay so much for a weird massage? Because they're fish biting your feet! How cool is that?

Now these fish are not shy, they start biting you the second you put your feet in the water, and there are even different scales of them (obviously the larger the fish, the stronger the bite).

Unfortunately the hot spring fish are only available to bite your feet, but I'm sure some people have dived right in there to see what it feels like for a full fish-biting body massage.

Are you bold enough to try it?

Or maybe you already have. Let me know if you liked it.

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