What's so Good about Taiwan? Night Market Edition

One time I asked my students if they ever went to a night market before.

They all raised their hands high. No surprise as Taiwan's night markets are the safe night life that brings an economic heart beat when everything else closes down.

But then I told my students there aren't any night markets where I come from. They gasped with open mouths as if I said I was really a female. I think I even saw some drool come out of one of their mouths.

In their big imaginations, they never dreamt of growing up in a place that you couldn't enjoy the delicious foods, carnival like games, and shopping experience with hundreds or thousands of people every night of the week.

So what would we do with no night markets?

Sit at home and go to bed. It's really that simple. If you ever went abroad to an average town, you know you're not missing out on anything.

But Taiwan has night market access points scattered throughout the country! It's as if the Taiwanese people think night markets are as necessary as hospitals and there has to be one in every city.

The best things about night markets is you can try several different foods all along the same street and not have to eat one big meal until you're sick of it. This way, you don't eat enough of the food to get tired of it and you can eat so much more.

It's like a party happening every night of the week and everyone's invited: the more the merrier. I bet it would be the perfect place for a wedding reception. Come to the night market tonight to celebrate my wedding; the food is ready, there's more than enough, and you can find anything you could ever want.

That's my experience, but let me know: What's your favorite part of the night market?

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