What's so Good about Taiwan? Taiwanese English Edition

Taiwanese people love showing off their English.

I was at a 鐵板燒 restaurant eating and the cook was making my curry shrimp. Suddenly another customer started asking the cook about the dish and what it was like. Then he said, "好像那個咖哩蝦很delicious."

I smiled at the attempt to speak an English word in the presence of a westerner.

A minute later, the cook bent over and asked me, "Delicious是甚麼意思?" (What does delicious mean?)

I answered simply, "好吃".

I wonder what the man felt as he undoubtedly overheard the cook asking me that his English meant.

Maybe he was pretty proud that he used one of his vocab words, or maybe he felt a little silly speaking English to a Taiwanese man without being understood.

Anyway, Taiwanese people are great because they love to open up to westerners and show us how interesting, outgoing, and open-minded they are.

However, change the situation and put a man from Vietnam in my seat and I can tell you there would be no Vietnamese being spoken. It's nice to have others put interest in your culture, but it's a little unfair for them to not care about other Asian countries.

Next time you want to speak some English to a westerner, switch it up and use Spanish! Not only will it impress them, but you'll also get to see how well their Spanish is!


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