Environmental Revolution

The tide is turning.

We are no longer to be oppressed by a world polluted from outdated factory emissions, exhaust pipes, and destructive cigarettes.

The future is here.

Why? Because I can see it. I see awareness spread over the internet. I see higher standards for factories and cars, and I see less tolerance for polluted streets and asthma attacks.

I see public buses running on electricity, buildings powered by the sun and wind, and electric car sharing systems.

It is the start of a new future, a clear future where we try to take back what we destroyed.

So don't tell me the need for a car anymore because I'm dreaming of something much better and they can't kill this dream: it has too much momentum behind it.

It's hope I have and hope is not easy to squash.

Think of solar powered transportation networks running 24 hours that makes cars unattractive and unusable.

Think of a skyscraper made of recycled materials with only vegetables grown hydroponically.

Think of cities as quiet as the country where each breath brings life to your soul instead of death.

It's no longer a dream in someones head anymore. It's no longer the future. It's ours, here and now. Let's stop living like we need to destroy the environment and our health to survive.

Let's take hold of what is right before us and live like we are the next generation to bring an environmental revolution to the planet.

We are fighting for the right for fresh air, safe transportation, and poison-free food.

It is our original gift given by God that we tainted and destroyed, but we still have the power to take it back!

Don't stand any longer for pollution and poison as integral parts of our life. Let's deny the world a life of poison and give them what it was meant for: the fullness of life.

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