I'm Willing to Wait (What's so Good about Taiwan)

Imagine you are craving duck so you hit the streets scouring everywhere for a stand that sells it, and lucky enough, you find two, right next to each other.

You're so happy but you don't know which one is better because you never tried them before, so what should you do?

Think about it...

If you say, "I'm so hungry, I'll just choose the shorter line because they are probably about the same anyway," I'll guess that you aren't Taiwanese.

If you are Taiwanese you might say, "I want the one that tastes better so I'll choose the longer line since that must indicate the better flavor."

Taiwanese are willing to wait in really long lines. Two or three hours isn't a problem. They first buy some snacks and then eat while they wait. In two hours they can eat the most delicious duck! They will be really courteous and patient while waiting too because They are eagerly expecting that delicious duck. After one delicious bite, they'll think it's so worth it!

Next time they'll come a little earlier though, so they don't have to wait that long.

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