REFLECTions of(f) the MOON

There's a moon over my shoulders.

But what's casting the shadow over the moon?

Long skinny branches, frail and dry, leave a searing imprint on the dark glowing craters.

Three humps on a camel.
A hiss from a snake preyed on from above.
Two small valleys hold twin owls; eyes as large as eagles flying under the moon.

Long fur hides, course and fettered, drawn over the eyes to make a new creature of the night.

Flames soar up from fermented fruits. Searing heat burning hair.

The fast synchronized dancing accelerates in velocity, inflaming fire with impassioned chanting.

The owls flow between humps, extending claws, and swooping down to dancing madness.

The hiss from the fire gets louder, anticipating the fury under the moon.

The eggs are laid.
It's done.

The branch snaps in two.
The fur goes up in flame.
Each hump falls flat and the prey is caught in sharp talons.

The night is quiet.

A simple sweet kiss drops in a pond, emitting calm ripples in shining reflection from the moon underneath.

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