The Next Line in the Chapter

I stumble over my words. I'm lost.

The classroom turns silent.

I see every child; no one is looking.

Not one is listening.

Two girls are whispering in Chinese. A boy is playing with his eraser like it's a toy car. Half the students are on the wrong page and even the girl I spent so much time with after class puts her head back; mouth wide open with a blank stare.

Sweat beads up on my neck as a lump grows in my throat. I want to run out of the classroom, go home and admit I can't do it.

What am I doing here?

But my co-teacher has been reading the entire situation. She has the next sentence in the story line of my lesson. She reads it out loud.

It's that simple, short formula from her years of teaching that brings everything together.

It's exactly what I need to get back on track

Eyes perk up.

Chairs stop rocking.

Lights start flashing and that girl I've spent so much time helping repeats the formula as if to say, 'I get it now! I understand!'

My experience teaching has been like a new story line in my life where my co-workers are constantly giving me the next sentence; the next line in the chapter.

It's when our pages are open to each other that we can fill them with the wisdom, encourage, and tough lessons from those around us: teachers and children.

As teachers, we are here as a team, completing the chapters in our own life, and sharing our stories as we go, teach, and continue to travel into the next edition: the sequel not yet written.

And it's the same for our kids. We are now a part of their story; their book, as they are ours, and none of it will go unpublished.

It is our responsibility, our legacy, and our joy.

Thank you and God Bless!

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