Why Do Foreigners Choose Taiwan?

Disclaimer: Foreigners in Taiwan are not accurate representatives of their native country and should not be used to assume, imply, or understand anything about that country. Thank you and enjoy the post.

The most common question a foreigner gets in Taiwan...


Here are TEN reasons that foreigners come to your beautiful country.

1) The Food: Stinky Tofu and Pig's Feet!

2) Layovers: Does this count as visiting Taiwan?

3) We thought it was Thailand: Turns out it's not!

4) Mission Work: Way more than those white guys in suits handing out pamphlets!

5) Friends are doing it: It's for the cool experience! (And Japan was too expensive.)

6) Family is Taiwanese: Don't forget we love to marry Taiwanese girls ;)

7) Learn Chinese: Why do I have to learn those traditional characters? Ugh!

8) See the World: Taiwan... CHECK!

9) Interest in Asian culture: Asian Geeks, stay away at all costs. (just kidding)

10) Money: No jobs at home. It's that simple.

And finally... Maybe We Just Like It. Sorry if that's not enough, but it's enough for us!


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