Get Up

A lot of people fall.

A lot of people quit, give up too easily, get angry too quickly.

The anger inside need not be rejected, just rearranged and redirected.

If we fall, we can get up again. After we quit, we can start again.

It's not the great ones who don't fall, it's just the great ones who get up.

Once you utter those two deadly words, you've already admitted defeat.

I can't.

It's too hard, it's been too long. I lost too many times. It's no use.

If you let these come out of you, leave them outside. Don't bring them back in.

Start again. Start new.

I can. Just a little while longer. I'm new everyday. I'm stronger with each try.

I can.

Now, sit up and take another swing. Believe. All things are new. If you're down on the ground, pick yourself up. Take a chance. Get up and lift up your eyes. It's yours.

You can.

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