Let's Play

I like peanut butter ice cream and saying chocolate fondue.

Playing make believe and creating new worlds with toys are indoor sports.

Running around as crazy characters finding lost treasures and fighting over-dramatized evil is an adventure we all can enjoy.

But if it's all spent alone, where is the joy? Where is the laughter?

Three points for a winner. You have a fire tongue that shoots lasers and I have a four-crossed blade that controls the wind. I'll use a stick and you throw candy. Ready.... Go!

Fluorescent colors, glow in the dark, and old lanterns burning with green fire out in the middle of vast plains under a roaring waterfall.

A vacation can never be enough to fascinate the mind. Expensive gifts and fancy restaurants get out-dated and broken down, but long commutes and mundane jobs have a secret cave of wonders.

Sing out new designs of colors and holographs. Play in the sand or in jungle mountain tops. All the power and the powers transform our hearts into lights of joy.

Fight against negative forces because the eagles are here. Worry must retreat to its underground lair. Rubies and emeralds are priceless and an entirely rare treat, yet an adult is never too old for wild imaginations and the newest toys.

Adults don't have to be glued to plasma screens and big nets. There is always a way to be fish and be free in endless worlds of new cities, oceans, volcanoes, space and beyond.

I have the gift of engineering.

Come with me and I"ll show you buildings that defy gravity and roller coasters through safari jungles.

I have super powers, saving the world on an empty stomach against giant blobs that look like blankets and mini four-legged robots that double as perfect seats.

The sun rises when I say it does and the end is always filled with action, chase scenes, deadly cliffs, or the revelation of new abilities just beyond what we could think of.

And in the end, we can enjoy that bowl of ice cream covered in chocolate fondue together, if you're willing to step away from your own world and explore the joy of your imagination.

C'mon, let's go play!

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