Yellow rivers of smoke
Pain of a thousand cuts
A seagull out of reach
The true way of my praise

Take me above the smoke
Get me out to the beach
To that bird to take clutch
In a new day's sun rays

Yellow rivers of smoke
   that flow to evoke
      stirs of bats and rats
         that quiver under quakes
            and chisels in mountain craters
               just like a fountain of raiders
                  that choke the seagull of hope
                     so there's only yellow rivers of smoke

I feel pressed in by criticism and comparisons that give no praise. It's like that yellow smoke, blinding and choking, yet there within soars the seagull leading me on to recognition. It's hard to grasp, always just out of reach. I wait for the sun to rise to take away the yellow rivers of smoke concealing the seagull pointing me on to recognition.

A single ray mends and bends
   on a single wrinkle
      from a thousand cuts of pain
         that lay a stain
      clutching as a chain
   the sum of the rain
so I can't reach the train
   to take me higher
      beyond the pond into the lake
         out in the ocean above the smoke
      and out to the beach where doves hover
   and the seagull's your lover
right above to take clutch
   to take hold in the lake that's my tears
      that rolled and choked the hope of reaching
         that seagull in yellow rivers of smoke
      that glow like the breaching of a blowing volcano
   showing each shiver and quake is my fears
welling up like tears but

It's my place to be there
And for now to just be
Even masked in the cries
The prize of a mission

But I'm called to be there
Where the sun will arise
Revealing all will see
Seagull recognition

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