Should I stay or should I go?



There is hope and adventure embedded into these words. It is a call to go out into the world to see it, experience it, love it, and win it for the gospel. But after you try to go and do, these simple commands filled with adventure and action get replaced by new ones.



These seemingly less appealing commands are perhaps more important, showing that the fight to persevere is harder than the initial calling to start. There is a nomadic desire in my heart to keep on the move and never stay in one place too long. This new call to keep doing the hard labor I've already been called to and to stay where I am conflicts with that desire. The conviction to stay, though, was confirmed by a quote from a desert father, Anthony, who said, " whatever place you live, do not easily leave it."

The blemishes within me that I always ran away from before are now confronting me head on with these new standards to persevere in location and work. If I am to persevere, any spirit of fear within me must be eradicated by the perfect love from the Father. After that, there will be a new calling birthed out of persevering in this area. I'm looking forward to receiving those new words as well as the encouragement from the Lord, "Well done, good and faithful servant."


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