What were you made for?

The depth of the question, which first asked, brings an instant connection deep within the soul.

What was I made for?

That thing, whatever it is, will bring me complete satisfaction. It is the will of God for me.

What was I created for?

It's in doing that thing that I will live out my calling. It is what I will be or become to be natural at.

What was I put here to do?

How lost I would be without finding it. But how joyful will I be in knowing it.

What were you made for?

The answer is the thing that you can give your life to and never look back in doubt or regret.

What were you created for?

The sigh of relief from finding it and the endless hours you'll gladly spend on it.

What are you here to do?

Let's seek the one who can reveal it to us, the maker of even our souls.

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