Life Without Writing

I put the pencil on the paper and each stroke enlivened me.

It filled me with power and wonder and creation.

This is my responsibility.

Create. Write. Form. Bring life.

It's the deeper fulfillment of the human heart, beyond mere words and conversations.

This is spiritual; a connection with the Holy Spirit.

Each day going without writing was like living in a world without oxygen; like a polluted city too dangerous to go outside. It's like eating chemically produced food absent of your essential vitamins and minerals. It's like walking beside the beach and never diving in. It's what I'm supposed to do.

I breathe life into a wooden pencil and watch as things start coming to life. This will be something you've never seen before.

Come in. Explore. Adventure. Breathe again.

Eat freely and dive into the cool waters on that hot summer day.

You must read it.

It's calling for you.

It's writing, inspired and infused with breath.

One, Two, Three... Jump!

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