The medium of life.

Sounds and words and phrases combined into sentences and speeches and books.

Our spoken words.

The written word.

They carry more than the physical. They're spiritual power.

We speak and write to create.

They're patterns and formulas without which we can't express who we are.

It's prayer, direction, request, information, clarity, expression, love, laughter, meaning, communication, but it's also curses, hate, mockery, debasing, and regrets. We can't take them back. They're forever imprinted on memory chips, forgotten but not lost.

It's words of hope we hold onto the most. Like a student who gave up, admitting weakness and giving in to despair. A student who desperately needs prophetic words. Words filled with choice. Words filled with hope. Continue pursuing that love for language you have. You are a joy to all you share your words with.

Don't give up, but press on.

It's a student too comfortable in their environment, speaking incoherent empty words absent of power. Words of rebuke may be heard or the deafening from their own communication may drown out other streams of communication.

Most often, it's the words we try to plant in each other that we ourselves need.

Language is about choice.

What patterns will we follow? Whose patterns will we use? How will we form our structure and papers and answers?

Language is about power.

The potential energy each word has. It's written that every word spoken by God finds its fulfilled purpose. Not one goes back void.

Language is about belief.

Believing in the unseen reality that each word can produce gardens or barren land. They can bring beauty or smear over it.

Language has life.

Use every sentence with care and faith. Language is the medium of life. Books, speeches, and sentences made up of phrases, words, and sounds. Whether written or spoken, each word is cherished and precious. It's the power in your life.

Speak life.

Write hope.

Use language for love, the blessing of the Creator.

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