A World Without Nature

What if we created a world where we never saw nature?

What kind of life would you live?

You'd probably get annoyed at every bug you saw.

You'd probably think life was all about pain instead of all about beauty.

You'd probably feel stuck, always wanting to get out, but not knowing where.

You probably wouldn't run around or simply stare at your surroundings.

You'd probably forget to look up and get stuck with your head down.

You'd probably never lose your breath or cry with joy for no reason at all.

You'd probably see things in black and white, or maybe just gray.

What if we reversed it though?

What if we experienced nature every day?

You'd see in living colors.

You'd be breathless with tears running down your face.

You'd be stuck with your head in the clouds.

You'd run and never lose your stare.

You'd feel home, right where you belong.

You'd see beauty and, for a moment, forget about your pain.

You wouldn't even realize the bugs flying and crawling all around you.

You'd be too lost in nature's call.

Let's put the wild back in the world.

The rivers are running, the wind is blowing, the moon is shining, the rocks are glistening, the waters are shimmering, the winds are howling, the plants are dancing, the insects are buzzing, and all of creation stands in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed.

We are a new creation.


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