Forest People


We're all connected to it and for as long as we've been on Earth, there's always been progress.



Each city has their own story. Conflicts, in-fighting, competition, migration, restarts. History has a habit of repeating itself. We study and learn from it, but we're blind to the fact that we're right in the middle of it all. It's another round of good versus evil.

My name is Jeremy Baxton and I know the truth. There are hundreds of cities, but none like mine. All the others use concrete to build roads, buildings, and factories. Each city is free to live how they choose to. Their choices would never be sanctioned in my city, though. They can produce goods without a license, low quality, cheap products that will just end up in a dump somewhere.

We're an impatient people. In the other cities, the technology is less advanced, but they call us primitive. They developed transportation that runs on oil and products that leave behind harmful pollutants. We stayed in the wilderness. Anyone is welcome to come and go, but most people only come here to trade. Not many can accept the lifestyle. It's not ancient, we just remember our roots.

And I remember the truth. We didn't survive through all those conflicts all on our own. We had help. I have the book to prove it. We were destined to survive, led by an invisible hand. We are always brought up to our present moment to make a choice.

It's good versus evil. Life versus death. Blessing versus cursing. We all paid the price for choosing the latter, but not so in my city. We choose to believe in another way. When there's a choice between cars or buses, we say there's more. When it's a choice between harmful factory emissions or poverty, we say there's more. When there's a choice between low prices or high quality, we say there's more.

We live differently in my city because we paid a different price. We sacrificed selfish desires to dream bigger. We found comfort and progress with life and health. Call us forest people if you want. We like it. We're making a new choice, right in this present moment.

We choose _______.

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