Can you imagine someone taking an empty bottle and throwing it into the wild?

Imagine staring at the wonder of creation before you and then noticing a plastic bottle in the midst of it.

It would ruin the entire picture. You would see the impurity there and weep in your heart for what has become of something so beautiful.

How could you do something like that?

And the same is true in our hearts when we trespass against God and others, harming ourselves and the world we live in.

We throw empty bottles into the beauty of creation. And we bring a tear to the face of everyone who looks up on it, even God Himself.

There is anger for retribution and longing for reconciliation.

It needs a revival where someone walks down by that riverside and picks up that garbage, removing the impurity and restoring creation to its original beauty.

God can do that. He walked among us as Jesus and died to blot out any impurities within us.

He makes us beautiful.

He restores us.

He breathes on us.

And we are His.




Now go, and litter no more.

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