We Cannot Love People If We Do Not Care For Creation

There's an island off the coast of Taiwan called Green Island.

On one of the hills along the coast is a lookout point and a long narrow path leading to it.

Jesus said the path that leads to eternal life is narrow and there are few who find it.

I think he was talking about a radical lifestyle that didn't go along with the masses, but instead followed the will of the Father.

We must find this narrow path even when the whole of society is living differently.

This is especially true when it comes to the environment.

Everyone might depend on cars, over-consumption, excessive purchases, ineffective diets, and helpless ignorance about environmental issues, but not us.

We search for that narrow path leading out to the lookout point.

If you look at anything long enough, it starts to seem normal.

Maybe you heard stories of victims who defend their captors.

Perhaps you've changed your mind about what's right or wrong to say or do.

When we see the planet and our cities, we just think it's normal.

But here's the truth. It is anything but normal.

It's not normal to breathe through smog and throw out heaps of trash everyday.

The world was never meant to be polluted with massive carbon emissions, man-made chemicals, and useless junk.

Maybe it's all we know, but that doesn't make it normal.

Imagine aliens coming to our planet and seeing how we live.

They would be shocked, thinking there were massive fires everywhere and wondering what the smell was.

Or perhaps their planet was already destroyed and Earth simply reminds them of where they went wrong.

Don't be inspired when people don't care about protecting our environment.

Don't believe it when someone tells you the planet is just fine.

There is a problem.

And there is a different way to live that will lead to a sustainable future.

People's lives, whole nations, and the planet itself is at stake.

But more, it is our responsibility.

This was our calling.

This is our purpose, to have dominion over creation.

It's not like the abusive husband who walks away from his kids.

This is the loving father who cares for his creation more than his own life.

We can't even imagine now the damage being done all around the world.

This is not love.

It can't be because it's harming those people affected, even us.

That's why we must care for the environment and drastically, radically lower our carbon footprint.

We must reduce our trash and be creative about recycling and saving our energy and water.

Love people, for this is also loving God Himself.

But we cannot love people if we do not care for creation.

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