No. 9

"I slept too late again. No time for breakfast. Whoa... I'm speaking English. Is this English? What just happened? Umm... I can't remember... My Chinese... I forgot how to speak Chinese!"

王伟! 你醒了沒我要上班你的功課還在桌上,不要忘記,再見。”
(Henry! Are you awake yet? I'm going to work. Don't forget to take your homework, it's still on the table. Bye.)

"What did she just say? Is this really happening? I can't speak or understand any Chinese. How am I supposed to go to school? It's okay... I'm sure I'll remember. Once I'm at school it'll all come back to me. Too bad I don't have any English classes right now. Oh, my Chinese teacher is going to freak out.

Shirt, pants, teeth, face, book bag, ready. Let's go. Why do all these street signs look so foreign. Oh... that one's in English... but I still can't understand it. That's strange. I understand that one. Let's just get to school and everything will be fine.



(Did you see Li Xiu Ying? She cut her hair... too short I think.)


(Li Xiu Ying cut her hair.)


(You're very strange today.)

(Everybody sit down and turn in your homework.)

I can't understand. I still, really, truly, can't understand. This is a nightmare. Why! I can't let anyone find out. I have to keep this hidden until my Chinese comes back again. How can I tell people anyways? I need to find out what happened and fast... so fast no one finds out and thinks I've gone crazy. Let's start with the basics~ Life from day one~ Today is number nine. It all started nine days ago.

What is everybody doing? Oh... homework... wait... where's my homework? Oh no...

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