Writing Requires A Power Source

My mind overflows with energy.

I can't sleep like this.

I'm inspired.

It starts in the mind.

It's just an idea.

And it grows, gaining momentum like a boulder rolling down a hill.

The idea starts gaining electricity as it rubs against different experiences in my life.

It's the friction building the electric charge, waiting for it all to surge out in one electric shock.

It rolls from my mind down my body and through my arm, all the way to my fingertips.

There's a transference when I pick up my pencil, connecting my mind to the wood and forcing it to the paper like it's the perfect conductor.

It's an electric flow onto the paper, bursting with an electric surge.

This isn't mere words and punctuation.

These aren't random ideas.

This is writing requiring a power source.

It's elemental.

It's basic.

It's alive.

It's active writing: inspired writings meant to inspire others.

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