Bo Bo Village (Artwork originally created by Bohan Huang)

It couldn't be a more beautiful day. The grass is green. The sky is blue. The trees are full of fruit and the animals are all going about their work. Cat Mom is raking the leaves, Cat Brother is trimming a leaf rabbit, and Cat Baby is getting water for the apple tree.

And the rabbit family is no different. Rabbit Brother is busy doing his science experiments while Rabbit Sister is getting ready to go out and pick flowers. Before she gets out the door, Rabbit Brother pours some green stuff from his beaker into another set of connected beakers on the table that are all filled with different colored liquids. As soon as the green stuff goes in, the table starts shaking, smoke starts pouring out the other side and Rabbit Brother starts saying the same two words over and over, “Oh No! Oh No! Oh No!”

Rabbit Sister quickly hops outside and hears a slight explosion from inside. That's just another one of Rabbit Brother's experiments. One day he's sure to get it right. Rabbit Sister finds the first purple flower she sees and picks it from the ground. She smells it and looks around at all the animals out and about.

Rabbit Sister has a confused look on her face. It seems she has a problem. Let's follow her and see what's on her mind. She hops up the hill in her red dress and sees Hedgehog Sister on top of a tall ladder picking mushrooms. Hedgehog Sister is wearing her orange dress and she loves climbing.

She wants to be as good as her mom who can climb up tall mountains. It's a lot of work, but her mom has her walking stick to help her.

“Hello Hedgehog Sister,” Rabbit Sister says.

“Hello Rabbit Sister.”

“What are you doing up on that ladder?”

“I'm picking mushrooms. I'm going to dry them and use them for my soup.”

“I see.” Rabbit Sister says, looking up at her patiently.

“I'm going to make some especially for this crazy deer my mom saw on the mountain cliff. I can't believe how high she got up there. My mom said she was even above the clouds themselves, almost as high as the sun in the sky.”

“That's interesting,” Rabbit Sister says quietly to herself.

“Is there anything wrong?” Hedgehog Sister asks.

“Well... I'm looking for Dog Sister. Have you seen her?”

“I haven't seen her all day. Maybe you can ask Squirrel Sister where she is.”

So that's what Rabbit Sister is wondering. I know exactly where Dog Sister is. She's at home, probably wondering who she can play with this afternoon. On her way to talk to Squirrel Sister, Rabbit Sister sees Cat Brother trimming a grass rabbit.

“That looks just like a real rabbit,” Rabbit Sister says.

Rabbit Brother stops to look at her. He is wearing a blue and red shirt with blue pants and purple shoes. “Thank you. You know I really love rabbits.”

“You cats are really hard-working. I just really love picking flowers, but that's not such an important job. Not like your mom. She's so busy raking all those leaves over there.”

“I guess I'm making a lot of work for her,” Cat Brother says and laughs. “This grass rabbit is really cool, though, isn't it?”

“I think it's great!” Rabbit Sister says and smiles. “But you didn't make any clothes for it. I think some lovely flowers would be just perfect for a nice grass rabbit dress.”

“Well that does sound like a great idea,” Cat Brother says in agreement.

“And rabbits have round bushy tails, not long thin ones,” Rabbit Sister says looking around the back of the grass rabbit.

In all his hard work, Cat Brother had forgotten that cats and rabbits have different tails. He got so surprised that while he was working, his trimmers took to themselves and chopped off one of the grass rabbit's ears. He stares in disbelief as the grass ear falls to the ground.

“And rabbits have two ears, too,” Rabbit Sister says, picking the grass ear off the ground and handing it to Cat Brother. “Well, I have to go now. Bye!”

Cat Brother is in such shock that he almost forgets to tell Rabbit Sister something. “Wait!” Cat Brother stops her before she can hop away. “If you really love flowers, then you should definitely visit Goat Brother's house. He has a flower garden right outside of it.”

“Thanks a lot!” Rabbit Sister says and continues on with her journey. The cat family live at house number 1005. Their house is built inside a big hill. The goat family live at house number 1002. Their house is two-stories high with yellow walls and a red roof. Rabbit Sister knocks on the door, but no one answers. She walks over to their flower garden and sees pink roses and yellow daffodils. They're all in bloom and really pretty.

Then she looks up at a hill beyond their house and sees Goat Brother standing in the tall grass under the bright sunshine. She quickly hops up along the hill to say hello. Goat Brother is wearing his 'happy' hat, yellow suspenders and a green shirt.

“Hello Goat Brother,” Rabbit Sister says.

“Life is warm under the sun! Watch me skip and jump around. Don't be shy, come join in. I know you rabbits love hopping around.”
Rabbit Sister chases Goat Brother around and around, hopping through the tall grass and whistling catchy tunes. Finally, Goat Brother collapses to the ground and throws off his hat. It lands somewhere in the tall grass down the hill.

“Goat Brother,” Rabbit Sister starts to speak when she catches her breath. “I really love your flower garden. It's so beautiful and the flowers smell just great!”

“Well I think I'm about to make you happier than a hedgehog hiking up a hill because that flower garden can't even compare to what's beyond the hills over there.” Goat Brother motions off past where Squirrel Sister is.

“What is it Goat Brother?” Rabbit Sister says excitedly.

“It's a flower so big you can sleep on it. And there's supposedly a persian living in it, too. I'm sure you'll never smell a fragrance as strong as from that peculiar flower.”

“Thanks a lot, Goat Brother! I should go right away then!”

“Take care Rabbit Sister. See you on another sunny day.”

Rabbit Sister hops back down along the hill and follows the trail all the way to Squirrel Sister. It seems Squirrel Sister is enjoying the plum she's eating too much to even notice Rabbit Sister come up. Squirrel Sister is wearing a green dress and lives in a three-story house. She also loves flowers as much as Rabbit Sister does. Right now, she's relaxing under a tall plum tree and enjoying some of its sweet fruit.

“Hello Squirrel Sister!” Rabbit Sister says, startling her and sending her climbing up the plum tree as fast as a lightning strike in a thunderstorm. “I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. Actually, I wanted to ask you something, but... now what was it I wanted to ask you?”

In all Rabbit Sister's traveling and visiting old friends and learning new discoveries, she forgot what she was supposed to do today-- find Dog Sister and play together.

Squirrel Sister slowly peeks around behind a thick branch and then the sound of something snapping is heard. The next moment, a plum is flying through the air and smashes right into Rabbit Sister's face. Another snapping sound is heard and Squirrel Sister darts back to the ground with another plum in hand before Rabbit Sister has any words to react with.

“Try a juicy, delicious, satisfying, perfectly purple plum. It's a delectable delicacy beyond desire.” Squirrel Sister says, ignoring the smashed plum in her friend's face.

Rabbit Sister licks around her face and tastes just how delicious it is and she can't even think to be mad at the mischievous squirrel. “What a wonderful day it is today.” Rabbit Sister says out loud to no one in particular.

“It really is a wonderful day with all the wonderful fruit coming your way.” Squirrel Sister says and dashes back up the tree and throws another plum down to Rabbit Sister.

“And more than that Squirrel Sister,” Rabbit Sister replies while catching the plum. “I just found out about a flower so big you can sleep on it. I know how much you love flowers, too. Wouldn't you like to come with me to find it?”

Squirrel Sister crawls back down the tree with three more plums in her hands and says, “It sounds so super stupendous, but I have a world of perfectly plump and purple plums to take care of. I can't leave without appeasing my appetite, can I? I'm sure there's someone else who will go with you, though...”

“Oh... Maybe there is... Oh!... I forgot. I'm supposed to find Dog Sister. Thanks for the plums and the reminder, but I really need to go!”

Rabbit Sister decides to try the next house along the way. It belongs to Kangaroo Mom. She is wearing her green apron and is busy taking care of her baby, cooking dinner, and sweeping the house.

“Hello Kangaroo Mom! Sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if you've seen Dog Sister today.”

Kangaroo Mom hops across the room to grab some ingredients off the table, and then hops right back over to the fire blazing on the stove. Her baby starts crying for something, but there's not a hand left for Kangaroo Mom to help her. With her left hand she's cooking dinner and with her right hand she's sweeping the floor. It's a good thing kangaroos have a pouch or the baby might have already hopped away.

“Sorry, is it a bad time?” Rabbit Sister asks.

“I'm sorry dear, can you say that again? I wasn't listening to a thing you said,” Kangaroo Mom answers her.

“I said,” Rabbit Sister continues again, “have you seen Dog Sister today?”

Before she even finishes her sentence, Kangaroo Mom hops up on the kitchen table, sweeps some dust off the windowsill, grabs a ladle, and then hops back to the stove to try a taste of her soup.

“What was that?” Kangaroo Mom asks a second time.

“Is it a bad time?”

“No dear, go ahead and ask your question.”

“Sorry, but I wanted to know if you saw...”

Before Rabbit Sister can even finish, Kangaroo Mom takes three more hops-- one across the room, one upstairs to grab something for the baby, and another back downstairs to continue sweeping.

“uhh... Dog... uhh... Sister...” Rabbit Sister finishes her sentence, not sure if Kangaroo Mom heard her or not.

“If I saw a dog assist her? Assist who?” Kangaroo Mom yells out, hopping to the stove when she notices the pot upside down heading to the fire with her baby inside.

“Never mind. I'll see you later Kangaroo Mom.” Rabbit Sister gives up and hops out of the door. She hears Kangaroo Mom say, “What?” before the door closes behind her. This isn't going very well.

At that, Rabbit Sister hops away and climbs up along the cat's home, which, if you remember, is built into a big hill. At the top, she finds Cat Sister and Cat Baby. Cat Sister is wearing a blue dress and relaxing under two tall flowers while Cat Baby is wearing her pink baby clothes and doing all the work. All the work is simply watering the baby apple tree and Cat Baby loves watering the apple tree, but it is still strange seeing the baby doing all the chores while her older sister isn't doing anything at all.

“Hello Cat Sister. Hello Cat Baby,” Rabbit Sister politely greets them.

“Hello Rabbit Sister,” Cat Baby replies, but Cat Sister just yawns and flips her tail.

“What are you doing, Cat Baby?” Rabbit Sister asks.

“I'm watering this apple tree. It's the same age as me and I have a duty to take care of it so it grows big and strong and produces the best and sweetest apples you ever tasted.”

“Wow! I can't wait until it's as big as that plum tree and we can pick flowers and eat apples together!”

“It will be great!” Cat Baby giggles and keeps watering her apple tree.

“What about you, Cat Sister?” Rabbit Sister asks and looks at the cat laying out under the flowers.

“I'm too tired to move anything buy my short stump of a tail,” Cat Sister says.

“Cats must need more rest than rabbits then. I've been hopping around all day and I'm still just as refreshed as I was this morning.”

“No, you don't understand,” Cat Sister corrects her. “I've been playing with Dog Sister all morning. She can really wear a cat out.”

“Dog Sister!” Rabbit Sister screams. “I've been looking for her all day. Where is she now?”

“She said she's going back home to eat lunch. She's probably waiting for you now. It's a good thing you have lot of energy. She was just as active last I saw her.”

“Thank you so much!” Rabbit Sister yells out and immediately hops down the hill towards Dog Sister's house. Dog Sister lives in a giant dog house four stories high that's blue inside and out. She especially loves laying out on her red and green carpet until her friends come over. When she sees someone, she can't contain all her energy. It all comes charging out like a natural spring geyser in the mountains.

Rabbit Sister bursts through her door and screams out, “Dog Sister!”

Dog Sister jumps off her carpet wearing her purple dress and runs in circles around Rabbit Sister who is still hopping up and down. “I've been waiting for you Rabbit Sister. What have you been doing?”

“Oh, Dog Sister, it's been the most incredible day. I learned about Hedgehog Mom climbing mountains and a deer that lives way up above the clouds. I saw the most beautiful grass rabbit made by Cat Brother and smelled the brightest colored flowers at Goat Brother's house. I heard mysteries about a persian who lives in a giant flower and tasted the sweetest plums thanks to Squirrel Sister. I dreamed about eating juicy red apples with Cat Baby and then about being here, walking through this whole adventure again with you by my side. I want to show you all of it. Everything!”

Dog Sister already has her flower in hand and her pink bow on her head. “Well let's go already!” And as simple as that, both of them adventure out into the beautiful day where the grass is green, the sky is blue, and the animals are more than just hard at work, they are also very, very happy.

The End

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